I know I’ve been a bit quiet

I know that today (as all Thursdays) I’ve been rather quiet but it’s because this is the day when I’m out of the house the whole time. I’m waking up a bit later, having lunch with family, getting ready and going out until at night. Although today was different because I helped mum to clean up the house because of the unhappy incident with the maid, the day still went well.

Was out in the mall despite the sandstorm..


This is right next to my house.


Next to my boyfriend’s house.
See the difference? Less dusty.

Anyway. We chilled for a bit, then as I said. Time for the mall. Met up with the family there, then left to have dinner. What did we eat? Well, see for yourself.


Méli Mélo! Sushi! I am in love with sushi!

Such a great day.

PS. I’ve also studied for my French exam which is tomorrow. Actually, I just closed the book so I get some sleep. Therefore, I’m off. Good night. Or good day if wherever you are is still daytime.


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