Exam morning

Woke up to hundred missed calls from mum and boyfriend, both trying to wake me up with 30 minutes before the time I wanted to wake up at. Why is it so hard to wait? I have an exam, I want to rest. 😦

Never mind, I’m just exaggerating. Had my coffee and a croissant, no wonder I have a French exam today. I’m all relaxed (it’s French after all) and ready for the exam. However, just to make sure I don’t make the same mistake as always, I will revise some verbs and stuff. It’s better. Why lose marks when I could have read some stuff before. Right?

I’m gonna do well. I’m gonna do very well. Now, I have a problem. I really don’t know what to wear. But guess what, I have my nails ready, so I have to wear something according to them. I got them done yesterday. Want to see? Ok. Check it out.


It’s so summer-y. I have to apply one more coat on them and they’re done. Ah, clothing. I am still thinking of the amazing River Island collection I saw last night.

Girl, get your mind back to French.

Alors, bring it on with le Français.

God bless!


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