Unfollow me and you break my heart

Oh God how much I hate it when someone unfollows me. Yesterday I had about 300 something followers and now it’s less with about 5. WHYYY? Whyy you crazy people? What did I do to you? Aren’t my tweets interesting enough? Do I tweet too much? Well, hello that’s the point for Twitter. To tweet. It’s not Facebook where you’d be seen like a freak if you update your status every second. It’s Twitter!

You know what’s funny? How addicting these social networking sites are (brings my thoughts to my history exam which had a question about whether Internet had improved the way people interact with each other or not). I never wanted to have a Twitter account. Until I got it done (because my boyfriend, who back then was a close friend, kept asking me to get it done). When I did, the first thing I said was ‘how do I use this crap?’

Here I am. Using Twitter so much. Waking up at 5 (now being around 5.30) checking my Twitter, tweeting, stalking people, getting motivated and so on.. it became a routine.

But why you mean people follow and unfollow me? Do you know how bad it feels to have less followers? Oh. It’s like a tiny piece of your heart is breaking.

Now. Question to my readers. What do you think about social networking sites. Are they good? And after changing some things, passing along my history question, ‘have they helped people to interact with each other?


2 thoughts on “Unfollow me and you break my heart

  1. I think social networking sites have helped people very greatly. Through these sites we can connect to people all over the world with a second…how great is that. 🙂 Also, we are able to see that everyone around the world experiences the same difficulties and happy moments in life. This brings down the barriers between countries and we can all feel united, because in the end of the day, we all share the same planet. 🙂 At least I believe this. Much love Lex! 🙂 PS! Don’t worry about the unfollowers, it will not take long before new followers arrive. It is the allmighty internet after all. 🙂

    1. I totally agree with you! Internet is great. However, there should also be limits. Thank you so much for commenting. Much love to you too! And thanks again. 🙂 x

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