The need to talk

People get from time to time that need to talk. To open up. To give out all their emotions. To say everything that’s on their mind and heart. It’s a human being thing. It’s normal. It doesn’t mean you’re complaining. It means you’re alive. If you don’t talk, you don’t say what’s wrong, what is troubling you, how would anyone know how you feel? What if they assume that you don’t feel anything?

Don’t keep things inside. No one should do so. Don’t fake your emotions. Don’t always fake a smile although you’re dying inside. Or at least don’t lie to yourself about this. You may smile in front of the people, but don’t smile to yourself too. Don’t smile if all you want to do is break down and cry. It’s wrong. It’s unhealthy. You’ll become crazy. You’ll become depressed. And from what I know, it’s not very easy to get over a depression.

Why get into this when you can avoid it? Open up. It’s good.

Let me tell you something about myself. Before I used to open up a lot and be rather emotional until I got hit by life (not that I know really well what life is at this age, but it’s better than years ago). Before I used to get hurt on a daily basis. By people. By myself. By things. Doesn’t matter really. But I was getting hurt. Or at least that’s what I thought because when I look back in time, all I want to do is laugh at myself. I grew up. I realised that there will be harder things. That I will go through things much tougher than this. That this is literally nothing! That I shouldn’t bother.

Why put up with people or/and things when I can avoid that to happen too?

Whatever trouble you, get it/them out of your life, whether it’s a thing or a person. It doesn’t matter. Think of yourself. You’re more important. Take care of yourself. You’re special. God made you special. God made everyone special and we should all be thankful for this.

Smile. Be happy. Life is good at whatever age you are at. Life is different at different ages. You’ll have different experiences with every day that goes bay. Embrace them. Learn things. Take them as a lesson. They will be useful later. Each of them, even the smallest one. Even the one which seems the most useless. It will be helpful.

How I say..

‘Life is a gift.. appreciate it.’


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