Stupid morning sirens

So around 10 o’clock today morning all the sirens went off around Kuwait. It as freaky, but to be honest I didn’t realise it until mum told me. She told me to translate for her what the dude is saying because I know more Arabic in the Kuwaiti dialect. However, it wasn’t clear so I couldn’t understand.

I still didn’t get it. I asked dad what that is and he told me that they’re just some sirens. Once again, still didn’t get it! But this is when the freaky part came. I went to my sister’s room and mummy started telling me that is a war siren, like the ones that were put off when the Iraqis invaded Kuwait.

And yes.. FREAKED me out. What did I do next? Well, other than calling boyfriend because he knows everything that is happening then I started tweeting and checking out Kuwait hashtag. This is what I came up with.







More details tomorrow. My brain’s battery is empty. Good night.


“The Civil Defense Department (CDD) said that Kuwait sirens have 3 tunes: 1. Intermittent – which indicates imminent danger. 2. A way tune – which indicates that danger is taking place, 3. A Continuous tune – which indicates that the danger is over.”




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