Runaway maids [1]

My maid ran away. For the people not living in Kuwait, the reason why I have, well, had a maid is harder to understand. I’m at school most of the day. My parents are both working until around 7 o’clock at night. I have a two years old sister, two dogs and a cat (2 turtles and 2 ducks too, but never mind this). Who’s gonna take care of them? A maid..

We had her for almost a year. She was amazing. My mum treated her like a daughter because she was a couple of years older than me. I treated her like a sister too. Every time mum bought me something, she would get her too because come on, she’s a young woman, of course she wants stuff too.

Anyway, long story short.. Yesterday mum went to the Romanian Embassy to make the visa for her so she comes with us in the holidays. The last time we told her about this she was so happy, she was jumping all over and smiling the whole time. When I told her about the visa, she started shivering and crying. I was like wtf?

I kept asking her what’s wrong for 30-45 minutes and in the end she told me. She told me (while shivering and shaking as if she had her fingers in the plug) that she had a dream, or a feeling, I don’t really know because she told different things to my mum and I, that my dad will come home (he was out at that time) with a ticket for her to go back to Ethiopia. I was like huh? Then I told her, how can this happen if she’s going to Romania in a month. She was quiet. Anyway, after having a heart to heart talk, she smiled and she continued to clean my bathroom. I was studying because I had my history exam in the afternoon. After a couple of minutes I wanted to check up on her, so I called her and asked her what’s wrong. She came shivering and she told me that she has the Bible while showing it to me.

Whadaaa? I have one too. So? I tried to joke with her. Didn’t work. When I saw that she’s shivering even more, I freaked out. So I let her alone and I continued my studies.

When dad came home, she locked herself in the room. He knocked but she wouldn’t open until one time, she did then all I heard is my dad yelling ‘Frey Frey! What’s wrong? Alex, bring me water and a needle!’ Honestly I thought she was killing herself or something so I locked myself in the room with my sister and we were watching Thomas and his friends.

She slept. And I had to go to school to do my exam. When I finished, I talked to mum. Everything was good.

I went out with boyfriend to watch a movie and have dinner. The movie was boring, so we left early and we couldn’t eat because mum called screaming and told me to come back home fast because she ran away.

We got home in literally 7 minutes (from 360 to Yarmouk) and we saw my driver on the road, so we stopped and asked what happened. He was too tired from walking and it was dusty too so he didn’t answer. I went home and mum told me that she saw the maid pale so she wanted to take her to the hospital because she was scared. When the ambulance got home, while she was talking to the doctors, she ran from the gate and no one could catch her.

After about 30 minutes the police calls us and told us that they found her. We went to the police station, she was there shaking and rolling her eyes. I swear to God, I was so scared. They told us that she was lying down on the side of the highway! She wouldn’t talk. Nothing. They asked her why she ran away, that we wanted to take her to the hospital and see what’s wrong and she wouldn’t talk at all!

So she was left there for the night. Couldn’t sleep. I was so scared. I was so scared for her too because I do care about her and so does my whole family. She is mentally sick and she wouldn’t want to go to the hospital. I finally slept.

Had to wake up early to help mum with the cleaning and with Maria (thank God I don’t have school nowadays). They just left now to the police station to see what will happen. They will either take her to the agency back, or to the embassy. I don’t know.

They even took food for her. I felt so bad. But I’m still shocked. I still don’t understand what made her do this when we treated her like she was part of the family and she said we were like hers.

So my advice, never get too attached to someone and never treat a maid too good. They will screw you over. Sorry for my French, but it’s true. They’re still workers. It’s not like your boss treats you better just because you’re you.

Be normal. Have a boss-employee relationship.

But what is mum gonna do now? Who’s gonna take care of my sister? She might sacrifice her holiday again because of crazy people..


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