Runaway maids [2]

Mum called me a couple of minutes ago and told me what happened when she went to the police station.

Apparently she was put into a room with two other maids and they had a scarf and she put it around her neck and tried to kill herself. The others started screaming so the policemen came and put her into a small room and beat her up until she didn’t say anything anymore.

When mum saw her today, she tried talking to her, but the only things the maid was saying were ‘mummy I’m gonna die here.’ However, when mum told her that she has no reason to die and when she asked her why she did this, she didn’t reply and she was shivering and shaking again. So she started screaming and one policeman came to beat her up again. Although mum went in between them and told the man not to hit her, he told my mother that no one screams in his police station, he rolled his sleeves up and started..

Mum signed papers that she’s no longer under her responsibility and she showed the policemen the bag she first came with, a tiny bag with only a couple of shirts and trousers and only a pair of shoes and the big cardboard box she left our house with. They assured mummy that they’re used to this and they all do this. And when the maid was asked where she wants to go, hospital for a check up, the embassy, back to Ethiopia or the agency, she said the agency.

Obviously the first Kuwaiti family who she was with went through the same things because of this crisis issue was the first one ever, she would be scared and want to go back to her family or at least the embassy which is Ethiopian territory. But no. I assume that she was used to it.

Moreover, driver also told me that she told him what was the reason why the first family brought her back to the agency. That was, because she locked herself in the room, what she did with us too. By the way, she was in their house for 7 months and in ours for 7 months as well.

Even if you miss your family, you don’t kill yourself. That is wrong. If you kill yourself, then you will never see your family again, right? They will be destroyed. Mental. Sick. I don’t know what to say. I’m still shocked, disappointed and to some extent, sad.

God bless her.. and us, because I’m worried about my sister and who’s gonna take care with her. I really don’t want mum to spoil her holiday again because of stupid, crazy people.


4 thoughts on “Runaway maids [2]

  1. That was an awful event… i kind of pity her, especially after that cop had… u know.
    Living away from family in a place where they feel like slaves, in this day and age… it makes ppl jump from the edge of sanity.
    I hope she realize that she should look at it as an employee, and be professional. And for those families who are making things harder to them and are racist, find a time machine and get over here already

    1. The annoying thing was that no one treated her badly. She was like a part of the family. Although its been two days mum is still sad about it. She would call her daughter. She was like my sister. But hey, I guess you should never forget they’re workers. It’s not like my mum’s boss is treating her more special because she’s her. No more family. Just employer-employee.

      1. It happened once to us too, but with a less drama than your story, not all employees have dedication. But even if its not there was no reason, you will still feel bad, your mom is a good person, that’s why she feels bad about it. Its very sweet of her to call her daughter. Any how, I hope for less drama when it comes to this.

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