Perfect naps

You know those days when you’re so tired? Both physically and mentally tired? You’re not in the mood to do anything. You can’t do anything. You’re not able to. You feel like you’re tied to the bed and you can’t even keep your eyes opened properly.

Well, I’ve had that. Because of the thing happened last night, I couldn’t sleep before 2 something AM and I also woke up early to help mum. Tiring. Had to babysit. If it was something physical I don’t think I would’ve felt it so much, but because I had to keep my eyes opened and look after that tiny devil it was exhausting.

Well, I just woke up from an one hour+ nap. Don’t know what the + means because it was a time of being awake and asleep at the same time. So yeh, not sure.

Well, whoever says that sleeping is good, was right. And everyone says so (or at least everyone) so yea, sleeping is good for you. For your health. For your beauty.

Have days when you sleep until you wake up by yourself without being woken up by an alarm or anyone. You will be revitalised! Really!

It doesn’t matter how long the nap is. The sleep is. Even a 10 mins nap can help you feel much better. It all depends. It depends on how much resting your body is asking for.

So sleep. If you’re tired sleep. Don’t try to get anything done, because you’ll get it done wrong. Relax. Then do it.

Have a good day! πŸ™‚


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