Waking up at the sound of wind

5.00 am. Woke up. Why? The wind is so strong that my trees outside seem like they’re gonna break into two.

Don’t get surprised, I tend to wake up very early, check my Twitter, WordPress and all, then go to sleep. It’s something normal to me. It feels good because it’s is quiet and no one can disturb me. However, today the wind thought of being ‘with me’ when I’m doing all these.

I like wind. I like the sound of it. It can be relaxing if it doesn’t get to the point when it’s freaky and thank God, right now it not.

So I’m gonna continue my sleep because in approximately 3 hours I’m waking up again to revise for my History exam.

Good morning to whoever is waking up now and good night to whoever is going to bed. Whatever you’re doing, I hope it is peacefully. Enjoy! And keep in mind the quote I’ve reblogged yesterday ‘Nothing is impossible. In fact it even says IMpossible.’


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