Women and PMS’ing

I’ve been PMS’ing for the past two, well counting today, three days. The day before yesterday I wasn’t in the mood to study and I was craving something and I didn’t know what. I kept complaining to my boyfriend every time we talked on the phone and believe me that’s a lot, so I think he got tired of it and decided to make my day!

How? He said he’ll bring me whatever I want for dinner. But there was a problem, I didn’t know what. Lovely him, he remembered that I’ve been nagging for shawarma and he said he’d bring me that. Plus because he knows how much I love Pinkberry (this frozen yoghurt thingy which is here in Kuwait), he told me he’d get me that too.

I swear, after that phone call I studied more than I studied the whole day and if I take in consideration the fact that he called and came at 6.30ish, that’s like wow, a lot.

He brought me the biggest basket of chocolate Pinkberry with all the berries and kiwi. Yum yum! And the most delicious two shawarmas ever! Ah. That was amazing. I ate half of the basket that day and I’m sure that today I’ll finish it.

Therefore I would like to thank him for being so understanding and so sweet when it come to me PMS’ing. And I would also like the advice all the guys/men who read this. We, women are not monsters when we PMS. You just need to know how to treat us

One very short sentence: pamper us.


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