The world of technology

I’ve recently received and iPhone 4S. That was something about two weeks ago. Well, today I went to the electronics show so mum and dad could get themselves some things too.

Mum ended up getting herself an iPhone as well and also and iPad 3. Dad got himself a HTC phone. Along with other electronics we spent about 1200 KWD (I don’t know how much this is in US Dollars or Euros, but you could google it, lol). Anyway, for spending so much you get to choose a couple of coupons. We had about three of those.

While I was getting covers for mum and I, my sister was choosing the coupons. I won’t be writing them in order, but te three coupons were:

– 4 KWD
– Acer phone
– iPad 2.

Amazing, huh? Isn’t she lucky?

Well, it’s her luck, so the iPad will be mainly hers with a lot of games and interesting things.

How we don’t have the internet on them yet, we connected her iPad onto the wireless and while putting stuff on YouTube for her, I fell in love with the iPad. What did I do? Went to mum and told her that I want one. What was the response?


You think I’m happy? Oh yes, I am! But hey, my politics exam is tomorrow and I might die from stress before that.

Although I sometimes wish I could go away from all technology, I must admit that I also love it! People nowadays are so addicted to it that I’m sure none of them could see their life without it. As much as I would love to have a day or so away from everything, agh, all those different things are just amazing!


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