Walking up in the morning

Do you know those mornings when you just don’t want to wake up? You just want to sleep a loooot. Keep sleeping, without anyone disturbing you. You don’t care what you have to do, you just want to sleep. Or you can’t wake up, because you’re so tired.

I’m going through this. I wanted to wake up at 8 and I ended waking up an hour after. It’s not like it makes a difference anyway because I wouldn’t be doing anything productive in that hour, but you know.. just the fact that I didn’t wake up is like ‘argh!’

Last night I also stayed up studying. Do that’s why I couldn’t wake up properly today. Therefore I’m here to advice you, again..

Don’t stay up too late. Go to sleep when you’re tired if you want to wake up in the morning. Don’t leave work and studying on the last moments, late at night. You may get things done, but your sleeping timing will be messed up and not only, you’ll feel bad afterwards.

Can’t wait until my exams are over, do I can have one day when all I do is sleep!

Good morning everyone! I have a feels that today I’ll have a slow start. Or maybe not?


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