The constitution. Codified or uncodified.

“Don’t interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties.”

– Abraham Lincoln

What made me research this? The fact that I’m studying about constitution for my Politics exam. Although what I’m studying about is about the UK constitution, not, I’m also referring back to the American Constitution.


What I’ve learned is that there are more types of constitutions. Written. Unwritten. Codified. Uncodified.


Codification is the process of setting out a constitution in an organised say in a single document, for example the American Constitution. A codified constitution is a single document which can provide the people of the state with something with which they can identify. And I love this about the people in America, or at least some of them. They worship their historic constitution treating it with respect. Although I believe the country doesn’t have much history and I’m up to discussing this if anyone thinks the contrary, their constitution is a something from which we can learn a lot.


US Constitution. Taken from: Google images.


On the other hand, the British constitution is unusual because it’s not written and some argue that it doesn’t even exist. Despite of my point in the previous paragraph, I believe that a single document is less important because the most important thing is the ‘existence’ of such ‘laws’.


There are many advantages of having a codified constitution and also advantages of having an uncodified one.

The most important advantage of having a codified constitution is the protection of human rights. Meanwhile the most obvious advantage of an uncodified constitution is the flexibility with which it can adapt to a changing world.



What are your opinions about this? Any differing beliefs are more than welcome!



4 thoughts on “The constitution. Codified or uncodified.

  1. Lex,
    Thanks for visiting me. I’m intrigued by your interest in the US Constitution. I just finished a college course in Texas government, and the differences between the US and Texas Constitutions are stark! They are almost completely opposite documents. For instance, US Const. has approximately 4400 words as opposed to the TX Const which has over 90,000 words! US Const is very flexible; TX Const is not. US Const has rarely been amended; every election, TX Const is amended. Amazing how US states can abide within the framework of the US Constitution! This is an amazing thing.
    Interesting blog. I’ll follow.

    1. Thank you for visiting and commenting as well! I’m interested in everything that has to do with Politics and History and I love writing about different things.

      I believe all constitutions, although they may have similarities, they are also very different and unique.

      Thank you for following me!

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