Studying can be hard. And I’m telling you from my own experience especially that right now I’m on a break from studying for my Politics Unit 2 exam.

Unless you have a good plan and you’ve been revising a lot, you won’t do well, or at least not as well as you would have done if you did all that. Plus you shouldn’t try to study with a couple of days before the exam because first, you won’t have time and second, you’ll most probably get very confused.

So take your time. Don’t rush. It may seem like you don’t have a life (like I don’t have one right now) but it’s worth it. Believe me. When the results will come out, you won’t be crying for ages for getting low grades.

Listen do me and you’ll do good.

I know I may not do some things myself and that we’re better at advising people than doing it ourselves, but hey. At least I can help you.

Good luck!


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