Inspirational movies


I don’t care what they say about Walt Disney movies (although I posted something about it) because whether they have ‘harming’ or ‘inappropriate’ content (I don’t know where they see this) or not, I will always watch those movies.

Despite of some which are very cheesy, I must admit that the majority give out great messages. They have great messages. They teach you many things.



Tonight I watched Lion King with my family. Although I’ve watched it million times and I’ve read the story too, I’ll never get bored of it and it always makes me cry.


There are many inspirational sayings in the movie but I chose only some.

These are the following:


“Being brave doesn’t mean that you have to get in trouble.” – Lion King; Mufasa to Simba

“Hakuna matata. What a beautiful phrase!” – Lion King; Timon and Pumba to Simba

“Remember who you are. You’re my son. And the one true king.” – Lion King; Mufasa’s spirit to Simba

And the masterpiece is this:



Therefore here I am, advising everyone, despite of their age, to watch and take the words as lessons. Because they truly are some great life lessons. 



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