School on fire

I woke up to the news that our was school was on fire. They all say it was an electrical thing, but we shall see if that is true.

These are some of the pics.



That’s freaky. I wasn’t going to school anyway. But all the people who went? They got sent back. And what if they had exams? Apparently they’ll get them done somewhere else. Where? Burger King next to our school? Fanar? Ah.

Most of all, it really bothers me when people (will not give names or what’s their role in the school) seem so happy about it. All I can see is ‘it was about time!’ or ‘happy that the school burnt down’ and those crappy tweets. How can you say this? Are you mentally sick. No matter how much you hate school, keep in mind that you have exams and that if you’re not getting one done in time, it can be bad. And most of all, what it someone was hurt in that fire? Would it still be funny? No.

So leave this stupid childish attitude and grow up. It’s not like this. School doesn’t ‘suck’ and teachers don’t hate you. They want you to do well in your exams/life.


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