My brain is gone

My brain is gone. I’m drained. Exhausted. I’m not here anymore. I am physically, but not mentally. I’ve been asleep for about 3 hours now.

You may think ‘what the hell is she on about?’ Well, let me tell you what makes me say this.

Today morning I woke up at 5.30 (and no, school is not far or whatever, it’s just that I like mornings. It’s the only time of the day/night when I’m the I l one available. Everyone else is asleep. I have time for myself and I can calmly drink my coffee while reading the news without having any family member asking me to do something). So, going back to the time I woke up. Did all the things I like which I’ve mentioned between the brackets and went to school. Guess what? I had triple A2 History. Do you know what that means? 2 hours of A2 History at 8 in the morning. Anyway, I could say I was in the mood today because I woke up very, but very positive. Finished my class and while waiting for mummy to pick me up, I dropped by Geography teacher and told her, by heart, all the stuff I never got before. She was shocked. I felt good!

Went home. I was hungry and tired. Tried to sleep, but I ended up studying until 3ish pm. However, then I had an hour nap. Woke up and now come the hardcore part… I studied since then until the night at 11.15 pm exactly.

Can you feel me now? I’m dead and gone as T. I used to sing/rap.

What’s the time for now? Time for an eight hours sleep because I’m having an early day tomorrow too.

Good night and God bless you!


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