Is democracy always appropriate?

I know I’ve said it might take a while but I’ve realised that if study a bit more I’ll go crazy and forget everything.

Yes, democracy is to some extent, a ‘good thing’ which all societies should aspire. But there are some situations in which democrat is not appropriate.

In Europe and USA the fact that we should all be free and there should be freedom of thought, expression and so on is true. However, what if other countries don’t believe in this?

There are many places which I ruled by religious codes and the people there don’t know much about democracy. They’ve been ruled that way since ever and they expect their leaders to govern them according to the teachings of their Holy Book (I’m being diplomatic and not naming any religion because I don’t wanna infuriate people). People in those countries don’t really care about democratic principles. Do they? Well, there may be some. But not everyone. They’re probably a minority if they do aspire to democracy.

There may be economic reasons for which a country decides to put economy on the first place, before democratic principles. Many African states this.
However, real democrats such as Nelson Mandela insists that ‘people would prefer to be free than to be well fed.’

I have to disagree with this. I’m totally against it. How can anyone say this? I understand that him and black people have been attacked many times because of their colour but you can’t say this. Why would you be free if you’ll die in a couple if days anyway because you have nothing with what to feed yourself and your family. Let’s be logical. There’s no point. If you, the one who reads this thinks the opposite, please do let me know and I’ll happily read what you wrote and also reply.

And going back to the point, moreover, even established democracies such as the UK and America put aside some aspects of their democracy when faced with a war.

I believe this is the right thing to do. Let’s all live in democracies. But let’s not exaggerate. Law and order or/and national security is more important than some democratic aspects. Especially because those will be reimplemented once the country is out of that critical situation

As I said before. I’ll happily read your comments. Any opinion is welcome!


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