What is democracy?

Who could be the best person to tell us what is democracy? Who other than Abraham Lincoln?


Government of the people.
Government by the people.
Government for the people.

.. a political system where government should serve the interests of people.

Can this fully happen nowadays? No. Because some people simply don’t deserve the rights they’re entitled to. It is not only about rights. You have responsibilities as well. You don’t just expect things to be done. You need to influence that thing yourself.

After studying for a year about the government and the politics of the UK, I could say that I do know some stuff and I must say that I also know more things than some British citizens. Is it right? Nope. There’s an decreasing amount of people voting, taking part in politics and so on. Yes, I understand that many feel unrepresented, but still.. you have some duties to your country which should never be suspended. And this goes to everyone, whether they’re in the UK, America, any European country (this kind of problems are also in Romania unfortunately) or anywhere around the world.

People are sometimes asking and to not seem hypocritical, I’ve asked this question myself.. ‘Why vote?’ Why not? Your vote may surely not change anything, but if everyone votes, then you will see a change even if at the beginning it’s a small one.

Democracy establishes and protects freedoms./strong>
Not so sure about that. Isn’t America democratic? Then what’s up with all those Illuminati crappy people? Isn’t the UK democratic? Then why all the undemocratic institutions within the system of government? Romania calls herself a democratic country. Then why is everything so negative. Why are they all adopting the ACTA thing?

For those who don’t know what that is, ACTA stands for Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.

Democracy protects minorities.
Nope. A referendum is the rule of the majority. Who’s the majority wins and who’s the minority get nothing and their opinions are not taken into account.

Democracy controls government power.
‘With great power comes great insanity.’

Democracy encourages popular participation.
To some extent and this is a long topic which I’d rather not get involved in because I’m able to write about it forever. Maybe that if our leaders would know how to do so, it would be successful.

Democracy disperses power more widely.
Nope. Or at least 90% wrong. Are politicians fair? No. Do they achieve all the things they tell us during their campaigns? No. Maybe local mayors yes, but when it comes to a regional and most of all, a national level they’re just some lying people.. wanted to offend them, but why lower myself.

I want to study politics (and I will) and the fact that I’m writing all this, is because I’m interested in it. I know they all say what I’m saying now, but no matter where I will go, I won’t change myself and I will never become one of them.

Is democracy always appropriate?
This is the next thing I will write about later on today, if I don’t pass out before.


2 thoughts on “Democracy

  1. Muy interesante tu post. Cada ser humano trata de construir en el tiempo presente lo que su mente piensa que es perfecto e ideal. Pero la realidad es que el tratar de acercanos a lo que llamamos una sociedad perfecta nos aleja de la esencia de ser simplemente humanos.
    No hay sociedades con estructuras perfectas (como la política) y gracias a Dios por eso porque nos hace continuar viviendo como seres humanos.

    1. I love how well I understand Spanish, but I don’t write too well, so I’ll reply in English. It is true. Nothing and no one is perfect. And that’s as you say, good. If everything was perfect, we would live in a world of plastic.

      Gracias por tu comentario!

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