Can I run away?


Tomorrow is my exam.. I know I’ve been posting about it so much, but now, when I think that it’s actually tomorrow, I’m literally freaking out. 🙂 I even dreamt about them for God’s sake! I’m scared.. what if I forget everything I know? Although I’ve been studying for so long and I’m self-confident, I do get this weird feeling before the exam with a day. Usually I don’t have it right in the day of the exam, but I need to chillax otherwise you will never hear of me again, because I’ll run away.

I’m listening to one of my favourite musical pieces, which you could listen to as well if you want to and I’m drinking my coffee while mentally preparing myself to do a bit of revision for tomorrow, then I’m done.



“Be pleasant until ten o’clock in the morning and 
the rest of the day will take care of itself.”
 – Elbert Hubbard

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