You gotta know how to study


I wasn’t really in the mood to study in the morning and I think it was very obvious from what I wrote in my last post. However, I got two books out of four done.




It’s all about planning. About being serious when it comes to studying. Your attitude is very important. If you take it as a game, you won’t get anything done. But if you’re serious and you do study even if you don’t feel like it (how I didn’t feel at the beginning), then you’ll pass with good grades.


I’m proud of myself and I don’t wanna brag about it, but when it comes to studying, I’m very sensible.


Always have a plan and always give yourself time to relax.

Like I did! After finishing the two books, I went in the garden for a lil’ tanning session.


Good luck with your studies and exams whoever has any! You can do anything you want, if you really want it! 



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