Freaking out without a reason

OMG. For some reason I’m really freaking out about my exams. My first exams are on Wednesday and they are Government and Politics and Geography.

Although I’ve been studying for them for so long, now that I realise how close they are I’m freaking out. I’m mostly scared about Geography because I’m not into it, but Politics is okay.

I hope, I hope I’ll do well. I hope everything will be okay and I think it will be because despite that fear that I have, I’m still self-confident.

Now I should be shutting up, leave my laptop and phone away and start studying again because ‘practice makes perfect.


2 thoughts on “Freaking out without a reason

  1. You will do great! Ask God for patience, a clear mind/conscious, and use your abilities to the best of your abilities to succeed. I know it’s hard to worry because a lot rides on these exams, but it’ll all be alright, I promise!

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