The weather in Kuwait is PMS’ing

So about a month ago the weather here was very bad. And I mean it, very bad. All you could do is stay indoors because you couldn’t even see a meter in front of you.

After that, the humidity kicked in making it even worse. We couldn’t even stay inside because it was still hard to breath. Nothing was good. Your skin was sticky and something that us girls hate, our hair and makeup was getting ruined every time.

However, it was time for good weather too. Been tanning and swimming for the past week or so and I must say that it was great. Or should I say perfect? Yes. It was l. And yes one more time. You’re right. It ‘was’. Past tense. Its not anymore.

Nothing good last forever. Nothing good last for too long. It was about time it gets bad. It was about time Kuwait’s weather starts PMS’ing.

Today, while walking on the seaside with boyfriend and beautiful Aron a sudden sandstorm came. Out of nowhere! Everything was great. No one could have imagined that there would be a sandstorm. The sea was full of boats. Policemen on horses were around. People were having their normal workout/walk there. And as them, we were walking.

And BOOM! Sandstorm. You couldn’t see one meter in front of you. Eyes full of sand.. Ah, disgusting!

Kuwait weather. Why you PMS so much?


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