5.30 and I’m awake

I’m having one of those mornings when you just wake up to drink water or whoever and you end up going online and doing many things. Yes, for some reason I can’t go back to sleep which is very weird while keeping in mind that I’ve had a very late night because I did sleep very late or at least very late to what I am used to.

The instrumental music is in the background with some amazing guitar songs. It’s simply overwhelming. It makes you want to stay awake just to allow the music to overcome you.. to take control over you. That’s how powerful music is.

Last but not least, there’s one more thing happening right now. It could be rather weird for Kuwait, or at least for the area I live in. A very noisy rooster is enjoying his morning too while giving
me another reason to stay awake. Who doesn’t like the sound they make? I doubt this is true. Hearing them express themselves early in the morning is just beautiful. It’s so natural. It makes you feel like you’re in touch with the nature.

And I believe it’s time for me to go back to sleep because I’m starting to ‘talk’ too much.

I hope each one of you is having, or will have a great morning/afternoon/evening/night.

Life is good. And it’s the small things, such as waking up to the noise made by a rooster, that count. It’s those things.


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