Cultural differences

I’ve experienced cultural differences many times, whether it was at school or outside of it. It is something normal. People are not used with the way I am. People are not used to the things I am used to. And vice versa. I don’t say only about them, but about me. I will never be able to understand some things because I guess I wasn’t born that way.

How people can’t understand the free and very close connection that mum and I have, I can’t understand how come people here in Kuwait can call themselves mothers and stay out the whole time leaving the kids with the maids.

How people don’t understand that talking to guys is okay because guys can be friends too not just boyfriends or you don’t need to be emotionally involved with them, I don’t understand how girls here can pretend to be such girls when they’re not. When they’re worse than the cheapest and lowest girls back in Europe. Okay, I don’t wanna generalise, not every girl, but there are may of them.

How people can’t understand that men and women are equal, I can’t understand why men here (again some) can do whatever they want and women stay home and above all they can’t complain about their behaviour.

I mean what the hell? Yes. It’s shocking, but it’s also very normal. There will always be differences between the same nationalities, the same cultures, the same religions, therefore it’s normal that the differences between different religious (.. and so on) to be even more obvious and to be even more.

What someone should do is try to overcome them. And I respect those who do it a lot, because I know how hard it can be. But it doesn’t have to happen only from one side. Both ‘parties’ have to agree. Because in a relationship, whatever its type is, it’s like you’re in a coalition. The two (or more) parties must compromise. They must make decisions despite their different ideologies and beliefs.


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