Making plans for this summer


I’ll be travelling to Romania, of course. This means time to catch up with my girlies and sit with my family. Today I’ve been planning with Mr. Lover what to do this summer, other than me going to Romania. We decided that he’ll come for a while, approximately 10 days , then we’ll go to Greece for a week, then go to Austria for another week and finally come back to Romania for one more week.


Sounds weird, but I hope it’s gonna be good. I have good feelings about this summer anyway. I’m sure it’s gonna be great and we’re gonna have a lot of fun.

And come on, I need a good summer before I start university. Right? Ah. This holiday will surely be needed. Hopefully, all the plans will go well and we’ll have a month and a week of great, great time.

Fingers crossed.


God bless! 



4 thoughts on “Making plans for this summer

  1. Ah, so there is a Mr. Lover, interesting? Is he Romanian too? That’s nice you will travel together, enjoy your youth, it doesn’t last forever! 🙂 x

    1. Haha! Yeh, there is. And nope, he’s not Romanian. He’s Kuwaiti-Canadian. Thank you a lot. It surely is! 🙂 x

      Thanks for following me on Instagram btw.

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