Such a great day for me!


I honestly had a great day. Since the morning, until now, only great things happened and I’m deeply happy about it.


Yum morning.


I woke up to an amazing breakfast, yum yum. The amount of chocolate and the fact that I’m not a big fan of it made me feel a bit sick, but I got over it shortly. I read great quotes, which surely did inspire me and I had a great tanning session.



I really did not feel like studying at the beginning, but after I pushed myself for a while, I actually became very productive and I finished all I planed to do.. in a shorter time than I expected and much earlier which gave me some time for ‘myself’.

I used that time carefully and I did what I like the most. Sit on the couch and watch talk shows, useless ones, but everyone needs to relax in a way, right?

As soon as the show finished, my family and I went inside the pool for a great night swim (here is getting dark around 6-6.30). I feel great. Although I’m tired, I am much more relaxed.. I feel like I’m still swimming, more like.. floaaaating.

After this great day and evening, I’m sure it will be a good night. I do need a good sleep, keeping in mind that tomorrow I’m going to school to give in all the work I’ve done until now and to do some A2 History classes.


I feel great! Life is great! 

Tomorrow will be the same!


Keep smiling! 🙂


“Believe that you will succeed, and you will.” 
– Dale Carnegie


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