Attitudes towards rice changed

Yes, I’ll be posting about rice. Obviously, cooked rice.

Before I came to Kuwait, I hated it. If you think about it it’s normal because in Romania I wasn’t eating much rice. People there are more into potatoes, unlike here. Mum or grandma would make rice maybe once a month and it will be very different of what it is here in Kuwait. It wouldn’t be dry like here. It is called ‘pilaf’ and anyone who likes rice should try it out. It’s much different of ‘normal’ rice. Anyway, so I used to hate it.

When I came here and I realised how much rice people eat, I thought I was cursed or something (I’m exaggerating a little). However, after 6 years of living here I must admit that now I love rice. And I eat it spicy too! Ah! Perfection.

But.. yes, there’s a but. But, when I’ll go to Romania what am I gonna do? Everyone around me will be eating different kinds of potatoes and I’ll be stuffing myself with ‘pilaf’. Yum yum.

Long live rice. You’re amazing.


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