People don’t cease to shock me


For some reason I follow some weird people on Twitter. I mean, they’re singers and all, so they retweet their fans. I got this shock yesterday too, but today I actually thought about it.


Yesterday some singer retweeted a girl. Her avatar was her back side in a very tiny pair of boxers. I was like ‘okay?’ and I didn’t care. Today another singer retweeted another girl. Out of curiosity I clicked on her picture. All her intimate parts were up as her avatar. I read in her info thing and it said ‘proud mother of a beautiful boy’.


How can you call yourself a mother and do all that?

All you tweet about is money, drugs and sex and you’re a mother?

Do you even know what it means to be a mother?

Their children will be badly affected their indifference, by their ignorance. Unfortunately, it will be their children affected, not them.


They obviously don’t respect themselves and they will lose a lot.



2 thoughts on “People don’t cease to shock me

  1. Waw… Maybe i should switch into singing instead of writing 🙂
    all jokes aside, I think its awful how some parents have their perspectives all wrong, My heart is with her and her kid.

    best regards

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