Summer mornings in Kuwait


I’ve been waking up very early lately. Well, it’s been about a month since I started waking up around 8 o’clock. It’s a great thing anyway, because to be honest I’m a morning person. I like mornings because I can have my time alone, drink my coffee and read the news. I feel like those old people who do this every morning of their life and hey, it feels great! I’d rather wake up early than wake up at noon time and waste half of the day.

Anyway. Today was another cool morning. I woke up to ‘We are the champions’ instrumental. A good beginning, right? I put it very loud and mum told me to come to the living room to baby sit. My baby sister and I watched ‘Cars’ and I must say that this movie is amazing. My little Maria got bored, so we went out in the garden.

She played around. She ran around with the dogs and cat, then dad came home. Guess what he brought? He brought two more ducks from Friday Market, the pet market.


New family members. Ha?

I gotta love the Zoo in my house. Two dogs, a cat, two ducks and two turtles.


Perfect morning and this is just the beginning.


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