We all have disappointments, don’t we? I mean, it’s something normal and every person experiences it. You’re having a great time and you’re just thinking to yourself ‘God, this is as good as a dream’ and BOOM! The dream is gone.

You get hit by reality. And it hurts. You get hit badly. And you realise that what you lived before surely was a dream. A beautiful dream which turns into a nightmare when you wake up, because it’s a sudden wake up.

What are disappointments? Are they like a faith test from God? He sits there and looks at us and thinks ‘maybe I should send him another test, to be sure of his faith’. And He does. He sent another one. A harder one. And we think to ourselves ‘why? What did I do wrong?’ And we pray to God and cry and complain and blame Him for everything.


Yes, it is a faith test. Like the one God put Iov through. (If you read the Bible, the old testament, there is a book about Iov and what God did to be sure of his faith and beliefs.)

We should all pass them. We shouldn’t blame God for our disappointments, but we should thank Him. We should thank Him for making us stronger. For making us wiser. For teaching is new things.


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