A great walk on the beach


After an amazing two hours walk with Mr. Lover and baby Aron (the beautiful Husky) on the beach side I must say that I’m dead.

It was a perfect walk and we had so much fun but it was quite hot and I wasn’t wearing appropriate footwear. I was wearing a pair of sandals, the worst thing ever.

I must admit that my feet are killing me and they’re swollen, but it’s fine! All that matters is the great time we had together.

Really, it was the best! Out in the nature, where everyone (or at least, almost everyone) was minding their own business. Just feeling the summer breeze. Just seeing the sea. The clear sky (not, it is dusty. The green grass. Everything was amazing.

I wish I could do this every night. Ah. I’m happy. I’m really, truly happy.


2 thoughts on “A great walk on the beach

  1. I love the walk at marina… especially when there is noone but it’s getting to that time of year where it’s busy and I hate crowds of people, and kids banging into me grrrr, makes me mad! LOL

    1. Yep, it’s amazing and you’re right. Those kids are just annoying. They’re not even paying attention where they are walking or running and their parents don’t care either.

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