Arguing with your mother

I hate arguing with mum and I think this is normal with everyone because come on, she’s the mother. She’s the one who held you in her womb for 9 months (most of the time). She’s the one who went through all the pain to bring you to life. She’s the one who raised you up to become who you are now. You mustn’t argue with your mother ever in your life. However, it does happen and sometimes although you know you shouldn’t say some stuff, or you know you should apologise, you don’t take the in consideration.

It hurts because the mother is the one who knows you the best. It hurts because the mother is the one, the only one who loves you unconditionally. Without any reason, without any limit. It hurts because she’s your blood. Your mother.

The mother tries to do the best for you and whether she does it or not, that’s not the matter. She tried. She gave her all to do so. Appreciate it. And show it. Because many appreciate it, but their words and actions don’t show it at all.

Love her. Love her always because she’s a fallen angel sent by God to check on you and protect you throughout your whole life. And you never know when she will be gone and you’ll miss her. You never know when she will be gone and you’d give years from your life to spend a minute with her.

I’m not perfect. And as you have surely realised, I just had an argument with mum and I feel rather hurt. Therefore, I’d love to apologise again. I love my mother and she knows this. Despite the fact that I may not show it at times, she’s my world.

Thank you God for Her.

Yes, I wrote her with a capital letter because she’s divine.


2 thoughts on “Arguing with your mother

  1. yes, yes……you are trying now to make me change my mind… you said I know you very well……………………..and I WILL NOT CHANGE MY MIND!!!!! I love you!

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