Theory VS Reality

As a Government&Politics student I get to know about different things, politically speaking, around the world. I must say that I find the course amazing but there are also some things that really annoy me.

I mean, I get to learn about everything, from the beginnings of democracy, to different political systems, electoral things, political parties, pressure groups and so on.

So far I’ve noticed something. Theory is nothing when it comes to reality. If we think of all the different political parties in UK for example, they’re all based on ideologies, right? Then the Socialists have the nicest ones, in my opinion. This is because they believe in equality, on the fact that everyone is equal and that we all should have equal opportunities. However, in reality we can’t have that, so we go for other ideologies such as the ones supported by the Conservatives, Lib Dems or Labour.

Why is theory do easy and when it comes to putting it into practice it’s so hard?

What do you think?


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