Late nights

Do you have those nights when you just can’t fall asleep?

It’s either ’cause you’re thinking of something or you’re just gazing at the walls. Many thoughts go through your mind at that time. In that quiet night mood. Maybe just some slow music in the background.

Personally, I like to listen to instrumental, relaxing, chill out music. There’s on good radio station here in Kuwait which has this kind of music and I must admit that I love it. I could listen to it forever.

Going back to the topic, this music makes me relax and depending on how my day was, it makes me think or not think of stuff. When it doesn’t make me think I usually fall asleep right away, but when it does? God. I think of million things.

I’m sure each one of us goes through this because I believe that at night or during a shower, a person can make good decisions over important matters.
Nights are amazing. And this is because of all the thinking someone can get done, but mostly because you get to sleep.

Yes, sleeping is amazing..


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