Almost the end for my History coursework


I’ve been working for my A2 History coursework for about a month and half continuously. Although the normal time is about half a year, I decided to do the course recently, so I had only a little time. I must say that I’m literally crazy. Been researching and reading books this whole time and I think I wrote the two essays over and over again for maybe ten times each.

My coursework is about ‘The change of role and status of women in Britain between 1850-1950’ but I had to concentrate on the ‘Militancy of the Suffragettes’. At the beginning I had no idea what this was. I didn’t even know how to spell ‘Suffragettes’ well and I’d get the letters mixed up, but now? God, now I know everything. Well, not every single thing, but I know many things about this.

I must recommend this course to anyone who likes knowing about Women’s rights, how these developed and Feminism, of course in Britain. And if anyone doesn’t want to do the course (that’s because they’re not in a British system and stuff) but wants to know interesting things about this, they can easily find so much information on Google.

I found it very interesting, especially because I am a feminist to some extent. No, I don’t want all men to die and I don’t go to the extreme, I am a normal feminist, who believes women are equal to men.

Anyway. So this is all I have to say about my coursework, but before ending I have to confess that I’m very relieved for knowing that tomorrow it will be submitted and sent to the UK. I no longer have to worry about it. It’s done. Thank God.


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