That moment


I’m having that ‘I want to write something, but I don’t know what’ kind of moment. I mean, usually I post a lot, but today? My braaaiin is empty. Empty? Yes, it is. I think the heat affected it, haha. Today there were 37° and I spent the whole day out.


Had my coffee with mummy and dad in the garden.

When my sister woke up we all, including Mr. Boyfriend stayed in the garden again and built a place for the baby ducks. Well, I was studying for my exams but I was still in that heat. Plus I also didn’t sleep enough, so I can say that physically I’m here, but mentally I’m faaaarr faaaarr away.

I also cooked for the baby Aron (the baby Husky we got) and arranged stuff around.


Another week begins tomorrow and I gotta start waking up at 6 o’clock again. However, starting from this week it happens only twice a week. Woop woop!

Maybe later at night I’ll be more inspired, because right now I am not, not at all. Until then I’ll study and y’all take care of yourselves!



2 thoughts on “That moment

  1. Hei, nu trebuie să îţi faci griji că nu ai inspiraţie… tuturor ni se întâmplă. Dacă vrei să nu fi chiar în impas, când ai idei multe nu le posta pe toate, postează mai puţin iar restul salvează-le ca ciorne. Astfel o să ai ce să postezi şi în zilele cu mai puţină inspiraţie. :p

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