My dog is a great mother


So you probably know about the two baby ducks I bought yesterday from the animal market. They were very well welcomed in our house from us, my dogs and also my cat.

We honestly expected the cat to jump on them and eat them, but nope. He (yes, I call my cat a ‘he’ not an ‘it’) was just sitting there, sniffing them. When he had enough, he became so indifferent. I mean, he literally doesn’t care about them and acts as if they’re not even there.


The cat and the baby ducks.


However, my dogs? Oh my God! The male one who’s also the oldest one doesn’t let them walk alone. He is always there. He is always taking care of them. He is always going after them, licking them and keeping them together. He’s like their mother and the baby ducks seem to like him to some extent until he starts licking their whole body.


Their canine mother.


Isn’t he amazing? It’s unbelievable how dogs can be so caring with animals who are not even of their own! We gotta learn from this. I believe that a mother is not the one who gives birth to you and just leaves you, but the one who takes you and takes care of you. Of course, this doesn’t go to mothers who don’t leave their children.



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