Weird things happening


I couldn’t sleep last night, so I was watching TV until around 2 am, then I went to bed. I just fell asleep and I heard my sister scream and she started crying right away. I woke up confused but I had a weird feeling and I was afraid to get out of bed. I stayed there until they put on the light. She wouldn’t stop crying. When I went to my parents’ room, I saw my sister shivering from fear and she would go from mum’s arms to dad’s arms.

None of us could understand what was happening until she started telling us what she dreamt about. She dreamt that a ‘bad and ugly child’ (as she calls him) was eating her legs and there were cockroaches too. Mum got scared so she lit a candle, gave her Holy Water and started praying. She didn’t want to stay in their room anymore, so they decided to go to her room. She fell asleep for a bit, then woke up and stared screaming again. So they went to the living room. From about 2.30 am and 5 o’clock they were trying to put her to sleep.

Today was all good too, until we had lunch and mum told brought up the sleeping subject. My sister’s exact words (keep in mind she’s just 2 years and half) were:  ‘No. Maria no sleep. Bad baby eat legs’. Then mum and dad started talking to each other. They both realised that they had the same kind of nightmare (people dying) yesterday at lunch time when they napped. They also woke up with different pains each. Mum had heart pain and dad had a headache. Dad then told us that while he was watching TV at night, he heard a knocking sound, but it seems like it was in a wooden door and we have NO wooden doors. Then mum said that when she was with my sister in her room, she heard the knocking sounds from the wooden closet.

My sister is in the living room RIGHT now with my mum. They’re trying to nap, but I can hear her saying ‘No, no, bad child. Cover my legs.’


Yes, I am scared. I am very scared and we’ve been listening to prayers the whole time.

I hope everything will be okay soon!

God bless us all!


6 thoughts on “Weird things happening

  1. Hey there Lex… recurrent nightmares in a family house hold could indicate some change in habits; like change in food or a specific ingredient, a change in a family routine, in short, something that is in common between the three.
    And as for the knocking thing, materials tend to act under their own weight, like the spread of viscous honey on the table, its true… most objects act alike but its the time that controls the factor, like if you kept knocking on the table, it will break but after maybe hundreds of years, till cracks occurs and propagate… so the closet thing could be because the door under its own weight after all these years just slipped at the joint, simulating a knocking sound. Same thing with the door, even if it was not a wooden one, the sound is the same.
    Take it from someone who lived alone for 8 years in a very quite place, where you get to hear alot of stuff 😛

    Kids are resilient… she’ll be fine, try to change her habit by giving her a hobby… 🙂

      1. Well… I can’t be the one to judge, since i’m not there, and what i said was a personal experience and knowledge…
        But you r not the first to tell me this… So have faith in god and your family… and try what i advice with your cute little sister.
        Best of wishes for you and your beloved ones 🙂

  2. Oai! Chiar dacă nu cred în spirite rele, sau aşa, pot să-ţi zic sincer că m-ai cam speriat cu această postare. Nu ştiu ce să zic… eu mereu când am un coşmar şi mă trezesc, dacă nu spun Tatăl Nostru şi adorm, o să intru direct în acel coşmar… şi tot aşa până nu mă rog.

    Deci rugaţivă şi o să fie totul bine!

    1. Exact! In ‘fantome’ nu cred nici eu, dar in spirite da. Si mai ales de aseara.. serios. Deci chiar e asa. Chestia e ca sunt singua care n’a visat nimic urat, dar ma simt ciudat. Si ne’am rugat, crede’ma. Am stropit cu apa sfiintita, am aprins lumanarea de la Inviere si tot felul. Sa vedem..

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