Something that bothers me


I don’t know for sure how it’s in other countries, because been living in Kuwait for a while, so I’m outdated with what’s happening in the world, but here is surely a problem of people who are getting pets and then throwing them away.. on the street mostly.

They buy a pet (mostly dogs) for a couple of days, then get bored of it and you either randomly see it on the street or back where it came from, the animal market.

I mean, really. Why do you get them in the first place? Just so you have a pet and when you don’t find them interesting anymore you throw them away? What if your family did this to you? Kept you home for a while, then throw you out because they got bored of you?

They got souls too. And they can be smarter than some people and surely more loyal.


So please, don’t get them at all if you’re planning to leave them.


“If you don’t own a dog, at least one, there is not necessarily anything wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life.”
― Roger Caras

4 thoughts on “Something that bothers me

  1. Aşa e şi aici, din păcate… Foarte multă lume e inconştientă şi e foarte păcat. Îmi pare rău că stau la bloc, într-un apartament relativ mic şi nu-mi pot permite luxul să cazez şi un căţel, deşi mi-aş dori foarte mult…

    1. Poti sa iti iei un catel care nu creste mare? Asa sunt ai mei doi. Sunt destul de mici, poti sa’i ti in apartament. Si chiar e foarte pacat. Serios, animalele sunt minunate, mai ales cainii!

      1. E greu pentru ca în marea majoritate a zilei nu e nimeni acasă. Eu cu şcoala, părinţii cu munca… şi nu vreau să neglijez o fiinţă. Sunt sigur că odată, în viitorul îndepărtat când mă voi aşeza la casa mea, voi avea cel puţin un câine!🙂

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