I’m heartbroken


Yes, I am heartbroken. No, it has nothing to do with my boyfriend or my family.


Today I went to the animal market here,which is very close to my house. Anyway. We all went there to get my sister two baby ducks (however you call them) and Mr. Boyfriend wanted to get something as well, but he wasn’t sure whether to get a dog or birds. (I strongly advised him to get birds, because a dog is a big responsibility and he doesn’t have a lot of free time because of his work.)

I knew that when I get there I’ll become sad and I’ll feel bad again by seeing all those animals wishing for someone to get them and treat them better. We started with the birds and rabbits. I was okay. I mean come on, they’re just birds and rabbits and although I like them and I feel bad for them too, it’s different than with cats but most of all, it’s muuuuch more different than with dogs. Cats were next, not much moved either, because I like cats, but not as much as cry over them.

But this ‘good mood’ couldn’t last forever. We got the dogs part. Each person had one, two, three…. million dogs on sale and those tiny (or bigger) souls were just looking, staring at you with their beautiful, shiny eyes, giving you the impression that they’re begging you to get them. The tiny, very small puppies were alright. Despite the fact that their cuteness breaks your heart, there’s not much going on. But when O see the older ones,the ones who feel more than the pups feel, this is when my heart breaks completely.  Full of Huskies and German Shepherds there and those are two of the breeds I really like. Small pups, bigger ones.. to mature dogs. You can find anything there, but you also lose something there.. your mind.. your soul.. half or your heart will remain there for a long time after you leave.

There was one thing that annoyed me badly because yes, I love animals and come on dogs are more loyal than some humans. They will never sell you. They will always stick with you. Through good and bad.. unlike other ‘species’. A man was pulling around a dog.. the dog wouldn’t wanna go and was barking and crying, yet he was still pulling him around. I thought to myself ‘He’s more of an animal than the poor dog is’. 

We went even further to another place, a closed place this time and when Mr. Lover took out one dog (a Husky) to play with, all the other dogs went crazy and started barking. I cried. I literally cried, because it made me see them (and I’m sure that this would happen to all the people who have a heart) as orphans and their bark is more of a ‘Take me! Pick me! Choose me!’ call. Sad..

Got the ducks for my sister and my parents left. I stayed there with Mr. Lover. We went looking around again, so he could choose a dog. I chose the cutest Husky ever. He’s just so cute and I must say that he scratched and bit me so much, but anyway, who cares, everything is good, as long as he is good. We paid for him, we took him and we went to the Vet right away. We had to wait for over an hour. Meanwhile, we gave him water, played around with him and try to create a bond with each other. We surely did, because out of no where the dog jumped on my back and bit my…. bum, I could say.


He’s really adorable. And I hope he’ll be okay, unlike those other million dogs who remained in the market. I hope he will have a better life, because he deserves it. He’s a survivor. He’s a champion.


PS. Shouldn’t get too attached so I don’t get my two beautiful dogs jealous. I will love them all the same. Also my baby ducks, because they’re so cute!


The beauty.


And I should not forget..


One of my babies.. I love him so much! My King!





2 thoughts on “I’m heartbroken

  1. Off… mi-ai transmis şi mie din tristeţea aia. Cgiar îmi pare rău pentru ei 😦
    Ce frumoşi sunt căţeii, vreau să mă joc cu ei! :))
    Pune poze şi cu celelalt căţel al tău, să nu se simtă neîndreptăţit :))

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