This is Kuwait


Today, stressful day. My French exam went well, but it could have been better. Let’s hope, with God’s will everything will be okay. And although both teachers assured me several times that I did well, it wasn’t good enough for me.




I was in the taxi, on my way home and a very busy Kuwaiti young guy kept flashing the taxi to move out of his way to pass. I’ve been using the same taxi since my first month in Kuwait, so you can imagine that I know him really well and I knew he’d move when he’d have some space. Why space? Because in our right side was a massive truck. To let the rushing guy know that he will eventually move in a matter of seconds, he made the typical Arab finger sign (no, it’s not a bad word, it’s like you’re telling someone to wait a bit). After waiting for less than two minutes, the guy was now not only in a hurry, but he was also very pissed, so as soon as he was beside the car I was in, he wanted to bump into it, but thankfully the driver turned to the right too.

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So this is for all the stupid and brainless people out there. If you don’t care about your lives. If you don’t have parents, relatives, friends, or whatever waiting for you home. I do. And I bet most of us do. I don’t want to be injured or God forbid, even worse because you’re not paying attention to the road. I don’t want to destroy my life and other lives because you paid to get your driving license. But if you insist, please, take your car and go to the desert or anywhere else, drive with 200 km/h and bump into a tree. You don’t need to make other people lose their lives if you’re so stupid and you wanna lose yours.


I’m sick and tired of some people’s attitude. No, if you’re going to drive me over, you’re not going to be a better person. No, if you’re going to disrespect me and call me names, or whoever drives the car, you’re not going to be a better person. Matter of fact, if you continue with this attitude, you are going to be the worst person.


You’re not alone on the road. There are children, mothers, fathers.. who have their loved ones waiting at home. Why would something happen to them because of some childish people?



4 thoughts on “This is Kuwait

  1. Chiar acum câteva zile un prieten de al mamei a plecat în prima lui cursă ca şofer de tir, care din păcate a fost şi ultima. Pe traseu i s-a părut că îi bate ceva şi a tras pe dreapta. A pus triunghiurile reflectorizante dar degeaba, a fost spulberat de un vitezoman de 20 de ani.

    Nu gândesc deloc. Cred că 18 ani, pentru unii, e o vârstă prea fragedă ca să aibă în mâna lor viaţa atâtor oameni…

  2. Mă bucur că ţi-a mers bine la examen! Şi nu te mai subestima căci perfect nu e nimeni şi vorba aia: mereu e loc de mai bine.

    Şi eu urăsc violenţa în trafic şi nu îi găsesc rostul. Chiar vara trecută văzusem o ştire că s-au certat doi în trafic iar unul a scos pistolul şi l-a împuşcat pe celelalt – ce să faci, aşa e în România! :))

    1. Mersi. Sper sa fie bine si sa fiu doar eu prea obsesiva. :))

      Asa este peste tot din pacate! Dar aici poate sa fie si mai rau, serios. Pentru ca au niste atitudini idioate si se cred dumnezei!

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