A very touching, true story; Kuwait


I was in the car with mum and everyone else. We were on our way home and I was telling her about what happened today when I was in the taxi (the previous post). She immediately started telling me about one of her patient.

She, a young Kuwaiti girl finished both her degree and Master in Business Studies and worked in NBK (National Bank of Kuwait). She was the perfect girl. Elegant; classy. She was thin and tall and had a strong personality. Her only problem was that she liked to drive fast.

Fast driving. Maybe the only major bad thing about Kuwait.


You should know something, the streets in Kuwait are just amazing. Like those king of high-ways you see just in movies. Really! No holes in the street, starting from two up to four or five lanes and with speed limits reaching 120 km/h. May be a lot to many, but here it’s nothing. People often drive over the speed limit.


Anyway, the girl was the perfect girl. Great education, great job, great everything.Just one bad thing. Speed. One day, she had an accident.. the car overturned many times and it finally hit the pavement.

No one thought she was still alive. However, when they took her out she didn’t have even one little scratch. No, she wasn’t okay. She hit her head badly.. she was in a coma for three months. She woke up, everything was happy but shortly they realised that the girl from before the accidents is not the same girl with the one who woke up after the coma.

Now, the girl has trauma. She’s hyperactive and she can’t stay more than five minutes sitting. She always has to move. She can’t study. She can’t work. She can’t do anything. And all the people from her family have to take care of her.

Her life, the beautiful life she had before is not destroyed. Her life is gone. 



Because of speed.


So please, whenever you’re driving think of this. You may have some things now, but they can be gone in split second.

Drive safe!



10 thoughts on “A very touching, true story; Kuwait

  1. Apropo, mi-ar plăcea să văd cum arată şoselele de acolo. Crezi că ai putea să faci nişte poze? Şoselele, oraşul şi ce crezi că mai e interesant pe acolo. Dacă vrei, ai timp, chef… ştii tu. 😀

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