Final exams; how to get over them.


As you surely realised, I’ll be talking about exams. Why? Because the post I’ve previously reblogged reminded me of them. Yes, a post about confidence reminds me of exams.


My first exam is tomorrow and it’s French oral. I’m confident about it.

My next exam is by the end of this week and it’s History coursework. And although I had only a month to write up two essays of 2000 words each, I’m confident about it.

After these two, I have another eight exams and you guess that right, I’m confident about them. Why? Because I’ve studied. And I’ve been studying from the beginning of the year. I didn’t wait for the information to get harder and harder and its amount to increase, I learnt the things from the beginning. Therefore, I know for a fact that when I’ll enter the exam room I’ll have no fear and I’m confident that I’ll do well.


To be honest, I believe we shouldn’t do things in the last minute. You can’t study for a final with two weeks before it because there will be too much information. You should take your time, read over the things you’ve done in that same day. You should spend at least two hours daily to read over the new things you’ve studied. This is the best thing someone can do for learning things the proper way. You can’t just memorise them, word by word, because you’ll forget those things as soon as you finish the exam and who knows, maybe even before that.

It may take longer to do it the way I do it. It may seem boring to study every day, but hey, who cares? You want to pass your exams with good grades, right? It doesn’t matter if you sacrifice the things you used to do before. It doesn’t matter if you spend the whole time studying (or at least, it shouldn’t), because when those exams will end you will have the time of your life. You won’t have to worry about the grades, you won’t have to worry about resitting them because you’ve done well from the beginning!


Isn’t that what we all want?

If you answered with a ‘yes’, then take my advice. However, if the answer is ‘no’, then God be with you.


What’s your way of studying? How do you memorise thing? Do you have a photogenic memory? What do you do to study?


What we do. ~ Taken from: Google images.


What we should do. ~ Taken from: Google images.




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