I am such a feminist today


I know that all my today’s posts were so pro-women and stuff and this is not like an excuse post or something, because all I wrote about is the truth.

I’m going through some moments which guys don’t really understand, or at least not fully. God, if you men would know what we have to always go through you’d shoot yourselves. Really.


Women are tougher than men and when I say tougher I mean emotionally tougher but also physically tougher to some extent. OK, we can’t carry very heavy stuff or we can’t do some things, but if only you knew what pains we go through along our lives.

But we don’t complain.. or at least not always, so don’t judge us.


Taken from: Google images.




4 thoughts on “I am such a feminist today

  1. Nu putem să ştim prin ce treceţi în perioada magică a lunii, sau când daţi naştere unui copil dar în rest cred că trecem prin aceleaşi chestii. Să ştii că şi noi avem sentimente care pot fi rănite, şi pe noi ne doare dacă ne lovesti. :p

    1. Dar eu nu vorbesc de sentimente si lovituri! Si nu doar de perioada ‘magica’ (not) sau copii.. ce sa mai spunem de epilat? Pensat? Purtatul de tocuri! Toate astea dor! Voi nu stiti nimic, decat sa va feriti de lovituri la punctul slab. :p (glumesc apropo!)

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