How I feel at the moment


I should start by saying that school started again today. Yes, weeks start on Sundays here. That was fine and after a two weeks holiday I was really hyper and happy to see my friends. We spent the whole morning debating about politics, cultures and religions. Yes, people at my age and especially girls can still have smart conversations and it can also early in the morning (from 8 to 9.15ish).

Today I also found out that my French A2 speaking exam is on Wednesday and I have like 8 pages to memorise. Well, more like revise because I’ve learnt everything in the holiday. I’m cool with that too and I’m positive and self-confident.


Good moments with mummy on the phone.

Good moments with boyfriend aka Mr. Bat-man because he didn’t sleep at all last night.

Good moments with sis and step dad.

Good moments on this blog.


However, nothing can stay positive forever, right? I’ve always said how caring both of my parents are and that although they are divorced I’ve never felt it.. now I’m starting to realise what it happens when you have separated parents. I feel like I’m in between them. Like I must always stay neutral even though I tend to agree with one side more. I don’t like it. Not anymore. I’m not a kid anymore and I can choose what I think is right or wrong. I will always be their child and they will always be my parents, but I now understand what’s going more. I now understand what they’re saying while before I would have no idea what their long and complicated words would mean. I never thought I’ll say this, but I feel like I have to divide myself into two and I don’t know how well I can do so.


Yes, I’m not going through the best moments right now and I am quite stressed out, but hey..


..“For myself I am an optimist – it does not seem to be much use being anything else”

– Winston Churchill 



6 thoughts on “How I feel at the moment

  1. Hei, capul sus! Tu îţi iubeşti parinţii şi ei te iubesc pe tine, asta e tot ce contează! Nu cred că trebuie să intervi în problemele dintre ei, e de datoria lor să le rezolve. Cum ai spus şi tu, indiferent de ce se întampla, ei sunt parinţii tăi iar tu eşti fiica lor! Totul va fi bine… mereu e! :p

    1. Da.. probabil. Mersi oricum de cuvinte. Stiu si e adevarat ce ai spus, doar poate ca momentan am nevoie sa mi se spuna (sau scrie) asta.. Multumesc mult!

  2. you’ll figure it out and just remember that as hard as it is for you to balance between your worlds your parents are having a hard time letting you go

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