Don’t you hate it too?


And once again Twitter decides to inspire me and make me post something new.



‘1600’s: “Oh Romeo, I write to inform you I have received your letter & I’ve been left quite speechless”

2012: “K”.”

Oh my God, how much I despise those ‘k’ messages. I mean, hello? I wrote you a very long paragraph, asked you hundred questions, expressed my feelings to you/about something or whatever and all you say is ‘k’? Are you serious? How can you?

Yes, it bothers me. It makes my blood boil. My brain along with all the organs get fried up because of so much anger.



I texted you so you text back.. with a message, not just a stupid letter. Will you have the respect to at least write ‘OK’? If I saw an ‘OK’, I wouldn’t flip on anyone. I’m cool with it.. it says ‘OK’, but ‘k’? What am I? Part of the alphabet?


I spent seconds writing the message and minutes to decide whether to send it or not, so could you please, for the love God, make an effort to appreciate that and reply to it properly?





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