The weirdest dream ever?

Okay, so the whole night last night I had really weird dream. I know that we remember only 10% of our dreams and I may not remember everything, but what I surely remember is that my dream was very weird. I also know dreams are only a couple of seconds long, but it seemed like my dream lasted the whole night and the early morning too.

Two other interesting facts I’ve read are:

  • A survey was conducted in the year 1980 about dreams. It was found that nearly 42% of people said their dreams came true after a certain period of time.
  • Romans believed that God sends messages to people through dreams. Therefore, they tell their dreams to the Roman Senate, which are later analyzed.

And now it’s time for me to write about my dream.

I was wearing a white dress? and I was getting to ready to meet up with someone. I was with a friend and a teacher, but I don’t remember who they were. Outside was cold and we were sitting in a room, in front of a heater. I was talking to the teacher and I was telling her that I have to leave fast and meet someone.

When she asked me who, I told her I have to meet up with a beautiful and peaceful man. I told her I have to meet up with Jesus Christ. As soon as I said this, I felt a cool breeze inside the room we were in.

However, mum came to my room and woke me up, so I couldn’t continue my dream. But even this short period of the dream was enough to confuse me and make me wonder what it means.

Does anyone know?

I’d really appreciate any opinion.


Dr. Nicholas Jenner: “I read your post and I think the two central figures are significant. The teacher says that the dream is held in a learning environment,i:e the dream is trying to teach you something or you are reflecting on lessons learned. Any dream with Jesus or God involved is usually to do with a conflict of morals on a higher level and the breeze indicates that you are maybe content with a decision you have made or are about to make, it is often associated with intellect. Wearing of the white dress indicates wisdom.”



6 thoughts on “The weirdest dream ever?

  1. Hum, I’ll be honest, I read over this several times, trying to figure it out myself. I don’t know if your dream was symbolic of your wedding because of the white dress. The cold breeze is very interesting. You’d think it’d be a warm, summer breeze, especially if you were going to meet Jesus. Have you been debating about a big decision lately?

    1. Wedding, no way. I thought that maybe I dreamt that I was dressed this way because in Easter night I wore a white dress. I did debate about a big decisions lately and to be honest about two or three. And I must say that it’s not the first time I dream about Jesus or God.

  2. I know it’s a dumb question, but have you prayed about these decisions? God is trying to tell you something for sure. Continue to pray about it and He will shed some light and give you comfort if you’ve been torn between things.

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