Mistakes.. They’re normal!


There are some really inspiring tweets popping out today morning. What I’m gonna post about now? Mistakes. 

However, I’ll take this moment to say good morning, because here’s about 8 something and I also want to wish everyone a great, great day.

“Just because you’ve made mistakes,

doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.”

It is true.

I always see people complain and keep talking about something bad they’ve done.

For example: ‘I lied to X and when X found out I had nothing to say. I’m gonna die. X will never forgive me. Bla bla bla..’

No! This attitude is wrong.


The first thing you can do is admit you’re wrong, apologise and wait.. wait until person X makes the first step. They may be hurt, but if they truly care about you, they’ll forgive you.

ATTENTION: there’s a change they will not forget right away. It all needs time.

And last but not least, promise yourself that you will not make the same mistake. Once you do a bad thing, it is a mistake. But if you do it again, although you know is wrong, then my dear, that is stupidity.


So no matter what, stay positive and learn.. from everything!



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