My plans starting with the Holy Week


Today, the 9th April starts the Holy Week. As I have written in my previous post this week is very important for Orthodox Christians.

Because of this I have decided to read the Bible again. Although I do pray, I don’t go to church much, because in a place like the one I am in, it is not very easy to do it. Yes, in Kuwait there are churches, but not many and they are only Catholic ones. The only time I go to church here is Easter night. However, every time I go back to Romania, I spend days in the monastery and I just pray and relax.

I could say that I have a close ‘relationship’ with God, but I feel like I need to do more. It’s been a while since the last time I’ve read the whole Bible, so I decided that today is the right day.

Therefore here I am, starting to read the Bible.


God bless us all!


Bible in English or other languages:

The Bible in Romanian:


PS. It is never too late to get close to God, for He will always be there for us, whether we need Him or not.



10 thoughts on “My plans starting with the Holy Week

    1. Kuwait is a Muslim country. There are about three, or four churches out of which are Catholic. I live here with my family. Moving back to Romania this summer.

      1. I’m having ’cause I’m going back, but I’m also sad ’cause I’m leaving all the people here in Kuwait. Plus, I don’t know how it’s gonna be like to be back home.

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